Spring Show Try-Outs

Hopefully all skaters who signed up to try-out for the spring show have been busy working on their try-out routines! Try-outs will be held during club class on March 23rd from 5:05-5:40pm. Skaters will draw a number out of a hat to determine their skating order for the try-out. Read more to see a couple of clarifications:

1. Skaters may choose any one of the 3 pieces of music.
2. Skaters must choreograph the routine themselves with no help from a coach. Input from other skaters is permitted.
3. Props are permitted if a skater chooses to use one.
4. Skaters can not choose what they are trying out for. The coaches will assign solos, step-out solos, and match up skaters for duets and possibly trios.
5. Once try-out results are posted, skaters will be assigned music. It will then be the responsibility of the skater or skaters to set up time with a coach to choreograph the number and to obtain appropriate costumes.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact Shannon Bennett at bennett1621@me.com or Erika Roberts at eroberts@parkcity,org.