Friday Program for aspiring future figure skaters Session II starts March 18, 2011

The Bunny Hops Program is the Figure Skating Club of Park City’s program that is dedicated to developing future club members and bridging skaters from Learn to Skate to the club! Read more....

This program is targeted at skaters who are developing their basic skating skills and who want to be figure skaters! The class will focus on basic stroking and forward and backward crossovers, in addition to other important developmental figure skating skills and proper ice etiquette necessary for skating on freestyle sessions with other higher level skaters. The skaters will be on the ice with higher level club skaters and this program will take place during figure skating club ice. The Bunny Hops will also learn a routine during class time to be skated in the annual spring show on May 14 & 15, 2011.

Skaters who have passed the Park City Ice Arena Icicles or Basic 3 Learn to Skate class or who have the approval of the Skating Director may participate. Skaters must join the Figure Skating Club of Park City as a “Bunny Hops” member to be eligible to register for this program.
FSCPC Bunny Hops Membership dues include:
United Skates Figure Skating membership
a subscription to USFS’s publication, Skating Magazine
the privilege to participate in the Bunny Hops program and the annual spring ice show
the privilege to purchase a FSCPC club jacket
be eligible to compete in USFS Basic Skills competitions

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