A message to all of our skaters! The past 3 years of Holiday shows skaters have been making Snow Flakes for Decor! Decor, during our Holiday Show! I would like you all to know, the more, the greater!

If you are at the rink over the next days, check out the "glittered snowflakes" in the display case.

We have collected many Beautiful Glittered Snowflakes! I would love any new member to make a contribution to the collection! If you are able to make one, if not more, just have fun! Any skater is encouraged to make a snowflake every holiday!

If you need some additional direction, please let myself or any member know what you need! 12"-4' in diameter! Have fun, silver or blue glitter, and yes, I still find glitter in my carpet! All for a great event!

We will not need delivery until the night of the show! 12/15! Have fun designing and glittering!